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10 Simple Life Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Life hacks are inexpensive, simple ways to make our lives easier. Most of them are really mind-blowing because they are easy to execute, basic, and less time consuming. Just the perfect formula you need for a stress-free life!

From simple household chores to the most difficult tasks to accomplish, check out these clever tips you’ll wish you knew sooner!

  1. Drilling into the ceiling? Attach the base of a plastic cup to prevent debris from getting into your eyes!
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  1. Color your keys with colored nail polish to easily identify them at a glance.
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  1. Fog-free your mirrors by applying a small amount of wax to the mirror.
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  1. Easily disinfect legos using a dishwasher.
  1. Simply drop the legos, seashells, rags, in a laundry bag to keep them contained.
  2. Run your dishwasher
  3. Remove the items and let them air dry!
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5. Did you know throwing cubes into your laundry will remove the clothes’ wrinkles? It’s quite effective for lighter fabrics, but doesn’t really work much on heavy ones. The best part is you don’t need to iron them anymore! Instant time-saver!

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6. Funny, but effective – Want to secure your valuables while enjoying the beach? Simply stick your valuables inside a diaper when you’re on the beach! Nobody’s stealing that for sure!

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7. Hate calculating percentages? We totally understand. Here’s one trick to get percentages really fast! Just flip the equation. x% of y = y% of x! So, for example, if you need to work out 4% of 75 in your head, just flip it and do 75% of 4, which is a lot easier. Makes sense!?

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8. Use your chapsticks as your secret cash stash.

Works perfectly when you’re at the beach and you need to leave your belongings. There goes the saying, “If it’s stupid but it works, it is not stupid!” 

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9. Remove gum from a carpet using an ice pack!

Place an ice pack on top of the gum and wait about a half hour. When the gum is broken, slowly pull it out from the carpet. Simply brilliant hack!

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10. Want to reheat two plates at once in the microwave, but there’s not enough room? Simply add a glass between the plates! See image below.

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11. Are you one of those who always forget your wallet at home? Just stash a bill inside your phone case. You’ll never know when you need it!

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12. Traveling, but hate bringing lots of adapters for your devices?

Just buy one adapter and a regular power strip. It will definitely help you save space!

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13.  Another crazy, yet effective hack: If you want to protect your hands from hot grease while cooking, use a cut-up plastic soda bottle! It looks ridiculous, but it works big time.

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These life hacks are uncommon solutions to common problems. They’re ingenious, creative, and at some point, funny. What’s important is that it does the job. It makes your daily routine easier, simpler and more frugal.

Which of these hacks are you excited to try today? Let us know in the comments below!

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